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Amberly's Free Positive Affirmation and Expressive Writing Prompts

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I believe in the power of writing positive affirmations and so does Calista, Amberly's sister, which is why she carves a positive message on Amberly's running stick!

Our thoughts are what actually create our emotions and it's our emotions that lead to our actions, and our actions create our lives!

Once Amberly begins to change her thoughts about her disability and actually starts to believe the positive things that she has been told to her about herself as well as her own positive beliefs she begins to embrace, she is finally able to move successfully toward her goal.

Positive affirmations and expressive writing therapy transforms our negative thoughts into positive ones, and I love sharing positive affirmations and journaling exercises with tweens and teens to encourage self acceptance and embracing one's own uniqueness.

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