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Diary of an Angry Lightning Fairy: First week of Suspension

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Juniper vows to become the fastest lightning fairy in her class. Her only problem...She's too slow. Unbeknownst to her, Juniper's life is about to change when she meets Mopi the Monster Muse who introduces her to his expressive writing art journal prompts that help Juniper gain confidence in herself!

Empower the tweens in your life by encouraging them to read Juniper's diary entries each week. Then, have them write their own journal entries using Mopi's free downloadable expressive writing and art journal prompts and watch their confidence soar!

Dear Diary,

I guess I’ll start with the basics since I really don’t know what to write about other than I am so angry right now! My name is Juniper Starwebb and I’m a twelve-year-old lightning fairy.

Today happened to be the worst day of my entire life! I’m serious! The worst! Why? Because I was suspended from fairy lightning school for the rest of the winter season just because my teacher thinks I have an anger issue. I really don’t think I have an “issue,” or whatever. I just get angry when the other lightning fairies tease me for being the littlest and slowest lightning fairy in the class.

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I mean, I don’t think my teacher Miss Ravenfire would like it if she were called, “a puny little fairy," now, would she? Or, what if her blueberry candy was stolen from her by the tallest and the brattiest red-haired lightning fairy named Stargazer. Yeah, he actually did that. He snatched the candy right out of my hand and flew all the way to the top of our cave classroom because he knew it would take me forever to fly all the way up there and catch him! Stargazer laughed at me and shouted for his friends to look at how tiny my wings were compared to everyone else’s. I couldn’t help it. I just snapped. I pointed my finger at Stargazer and shot out a bolt of lightning.

Yeah, he did get kind of singed, but I didn’t think he was burned that bad. Apparently, my teacher did.

So, here I am, sitting on my bed made of cotton and rose petals doing nothing because I’m suspended until March! That means I’ll have to wait even longer to prove to those other fairies in my class that I can be an awesome lightning fairy, too. Just wait until I go back! I can't believ

that I am suspended for the rest of winter because this is the season that us lightning fairies get to spread our wings and focus on our purpose, which is to create lightning! Spring, summer, and fall are the seasons when our wings refill with electricity. The better we take care of ourselves and exercise during those long months, the bigger the lightning bolts we create. I really need to practice my lightning skills because, I hate to admit it, but, I really am the slowest lightning fairy in class.

My mother is insisting that I take advantage of this extra time off before summer vacation to study the history of lightning fairies. She’s all bent on having some structure in my life since I’m going to be home so much, but, how many books about the history of lightning fairies can I read without dying of boredom? Well, actually, I guess I won’t be that bored. I did

make a new friend and his name is Mopi the Monster Muse. He is actually the reason why I’m writing today. You see, he is the one that gave me this diary and told me I should write my thoughts and feelings about my experiences at lightning fairy school and what made me so angry.

I met Mopi after I had just been suspended. I was flying home in an angry rage while at the same time, I was feeling so sad. I just couldn’t stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks. I thought the only thing that would make me feel better would be to strike a big oak tree with my lightning finger. As soon my lightning bolt struck the tree, a furry purple monster with frightened eyes popped out from behind the tree.

Mopi the monster muse had been taking a nap in the tree’s cool shade and I didn’t even see him. “Hey!” He shouted. I just stood there. I was frightened by what I was seeing. I’ve never seen any creature that looked like Mopi before. After we talked for a while, he finally convinced me that I was handling my anger all wrong and he gave me this diary. He told me to write about my awful day and he said I would eventually feel better once I put it on paper. Then he told me to write down how I could have reacted to make my day more positive instead of striking that poor tree with lightning! I do feel bad that I did that now.

Mopi the Monster Muse made me promise him that I would write my thoughts down every week, and he said that I would be amazed at how much I would learn about myself. We will see about that. I think I’ll stop writing for today. Until tomorrow, Diary.


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