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Piper's Pond: The Unwritten Fairytale by M.K. Wood

Do you believe in fairies? If you said "no," once you read, Piper's Pond: The Unwritten Fairytale, by M.K. Wood, I'll bet one bottle of fairy dust your answer will be yes!

Author M.K. Wood takes you on a fantastic

al journey into one woman's grief stricken imagination. When Piper Wolfe pours her heart into creating a beautiful fairy garden while grieving her husband who suddenly passes away, what she doesn't realize is that she just may actually have a true gift of magic which manifests through her own storytelling.

What I loved about this book is how the main character, Piper, finds solace in creating a beautiful fairy garden in her back yard, which fills her own heart with happiness. By creating her own magical world, she actually saves herself from being consumed by a deep depression, giving her the strength she needs to embark on a fantastical journey to battle a dark force of evil and save "Piper's Pond."

This book is is for anyone who loves fantasy fiction. Although it is written for middle-graders, adults will also love this fantastical story and its unique take on the fairy realm, fairy personalities, and especially fairy wings!

After reading this book you will never look at a fairy garden quite the same way!


We all have stories, worlds we create from our love and laughter, our hatred and fear. Some of us simply visit them in our own imaginations, while others write them down and invite others to live there for a while. But what if the writer had special magic all her own?

Grief-stricken and left alone to raise her young daughter when her husband suddenly passes, author and mother Piper Wolfe falls into a state of depression, but with the help of a dear friend, she finds solace in the creation of a fairy garden at the pond behind her house―a house she thought she would always share with the love of her life.

Pouring all her love and longing into that beautiful fairy realm, she slowly heals and finds her way back to life and laughter. Imagine her surprise when, on the anniversary of her greatest loss, she learns that this new world she envisioned is just as real, just as alive, as the one she's always known. And that she is its creator.

Now, as a great evil threatens the garden, and all the magical creatures who call it home, Piper must learn to embrace her own magic, come face to face with the dark corners of her own unwritten fairy tale, and with the help of her oldest friend, save Piper's Pond....

Grab your copy of Piper's Pond: The Unwritten Fairytale here!

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