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Image by Marie-Hélène Rots
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Fantasy enchanted fairy tale forest with

Amberly And The

Secret of the Fairy Warriors

 Available Now! 

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Twelve-year-old Amberly doesn’t quite ­ fit in with all the other fairies in Whimsical Land. One of her wings is undersized and paralyzed, and instead of flying, she has to run and leap through the air with the help of a stick. It’s awkward, it’s no fun, and she sometimes gets bullied for it, too.

Worse than that, her mother worries about her disability and won’t let her take sword-­ fighting lessons with her sorcerer uncle. But Amberly’s been reading a fascinating book, Secret of the Fairy Warriors, and it’s given her a clue to where her father disappeared when she was a young fairy. If she doesn’t learn how to be a fairy warrior, she’ll never get the chance to rescue him.


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Image by Patrick Fore

Gina Vallance is a Los Angles-born MG fantasy fiction writer and an avid advocate for empowering girls and LGBTQ+ Youth using expressive writing and art journaling.


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