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Become a certified girl empowerment coach with Melody Pourmoradi's girlife Acamdamy!

The GiRLiFE Academy is a certification program that trains women to become girls empowerment coaches so that they can serve the girls in their local communities and beyond, at scale. Through an extensive series of fun and engaging workshops designed to introduce girls to their many superpowers, women get the opportunity to truly amplify their message of empowerment and truly serve the girls they work with.


As a creative writer whose goal is to empower girls by creating strong female characters who persevere despite adversity, I am thrilled to share Melody Pourmoradi's GIRLIFE Academy with you! Melody is one of my favorite online mentors and friends, and I truly love the work she does in this world! A portion of all GIRLIFE affiliate sales generated from this page will be donated to Fairy Scribe Fundraiser's Event Benefiting Barnhart school from 2/13/23 thru 3/31/23! 

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