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Discover the Magic of "Amberly's Courageous Heart," a Short Story

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

As a parent, teacher, or fairy lover, are you looking for an enchanting and inspiring story for your middle-school girls? Look no further than "Amberly's Courageous Heart." This captivating short story follows the journey of Amberly, a twelve-year-old fairy from the novel, Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors whose strength and courage, despite her physical limitations, teaches us the importance of following our dreams and standing up to bullies.

Set in a magical realm where fairies and mystical creatures abound, Amberly, with her stunning red hair that glows like autumn leaves, stands out as a unique fairy. However, her beauty comes with a rare feature- one of her wings is paralyzed, making it much smaller than the other. But Amberly doesn't let her disability discourage her. She seeks to serve her community as a brave warrior, confronting bullies with words instead of wings.

"Amberly's Courageous Heart" not only offers a delightful escape for young readers, but it also teaches valuable lessons in kindness and resilience. Parents and teachers alike can use this story to empower their children to stand up for themselves and others.

And that's not all - pair this FREE short story with my accompanying art journal activity. This activity is great for inspiring creativity and self-expression. Your middle-graders can immerse themselves in Amberly's world while practicing their drawing and reflection skills.

In conclusion, "Amberly's Courageous Heart" is a beautiful and touching tale that every young girl should read. Witness the impact that a brave fairy can have on your child's heart and mind by making this must-read story in your collection.

Download your copy of the free ebook here!

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