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The Inspiring Life of Author J.K. Rowling

Updated: May 3, 2021

When my mother-in-law crocheted the whole cast of characters from the Harry Potter series for me, I was so overwhelmed I could not stop smiling! Not only were these crocheted characters adorable and flawless, but this Harry Potter collection had such deep meaning for me as a writer who has always admired J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series.

As a middle-grade fantasy writer, I've always felt a kinship with Rowling, and I have strived to be the kind of writer that she is. When I bought the Harry Potter crochet kit for my mother-in-law, I was so excited to give it to her because I knew she loves to crochet just as much as I love to write.

After coming across the Harry Potter crochet kit at my favorite craft store, I noticed that there also happened to be a biographical book about author J.K. Rowling sitting on a shelf full of crochet kits and yarn all by itself. There were no other books on this shelf, and I instantly sensed that the universe was trying to tell me something. It was like something inside was implying that I was on the right track with the editing process of my book, Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors.

A few days before this trip to the craft store, I had struggled a bit with the editing process of my novel and doubted myself a little. When I saw the book about the author who has been such an inspiration, I suddenly felt a sense of peace and my insecurities melted.

After reading J.K. Rowling's autobiography, I realized that I shared some personality similarities with the author that I never knew before. For instance, before Rowling became a famous author, she worked in South London for Amnesty International, an organization that fights for the fair treatment of people in different countries worldwide. Rowling felt like she was helping people in trouble. Like Rowling, I love to help people. I currently work for an organization that helps those in need within the field of Social Services. I also learned that I shared another similarity with Rowling, which was when she failed a math test in grade school, and her teacher made her sit on the "bad" side of the room. I had a teacher do the same to me when I did not complete my math assignment quick enough in her eyes.

Like Rowling, I also had experiences with bullies. Unlike Rowling, who stood up to hers, it took me a little longer to learn to stand up for myself and speak my mind, which is something my main character, Amberly in Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors, must learn to do.

I love my Harry Potter crochet set. Not only was it made with love, but it will always be a constant reminder for me to continue to write and believe in my ability to write fantasy fiction which I hope will inspire both young and old.

Every child and adult should have something special that they can admire every day to remind them to appreciate and believe in their unique talents and gifts.

Do whatever it is you love to do. Don't be afraid. Don't worry whether or not you are good enough, because you are! Remind yourself every day to do what you love and watch your life transform!

Stay magical and keep shining!

Gina Vallance

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