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Fayetta's Hair Wrap Tutorial

Supplies: Red, blue, and green embroidery floss, two charms, a weft clip and three jump rings. (One jump ring should be slightly larger than the other two.) You will also need tape, a clipboard or hard surface, and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

1. Cut a piece of embroidery floss of any color the length of your desired hair wrap. Then, set it aside. Since I have shorter hair, I made mine 8 1/2 inches.

2. Next, cut three pieces of red, three pieces of blue, and three pieces of green embroidery floss, three times the length of your sample length piece.

3. Attach your larger jump ring to the weft clip. Then, pull all eight pieces of thread through the jump ring, just enough to tie a knot.

4. Select one of the green threads and begin wrapping the thread around the remaining eight threads about 10 times.

5. Next, select one of the red threads and wrap it around the rest of the threads 10 times.

6. Then, select one of the blue threads and wrap it around the remaining threads about 10 times.

7. Select a green thread and wrap it around the remaining threads about 10 times.

8. Next, select a red thread and wrap it around the remaining threads.

9. Continue wrapping the red, blue and green threads all the way to the desired length you had chose. Use your sample length strand. As a reference.

10. Once you have wrapped your threads to the desired length, tie a knot at the end. Using a needle nose jewelry plier, attach a jump ring to your charm then slip the jump ring with the charm attached to it and slip the jump ring through one of the threads in the knot. Close the jump ring with your needle nose pliers.

You can also attach a second charm to the middle of the hair wrap. Of the hair wrap. Add as many charms as you like!

Lastly, when you wear your hair wrap, don’t forget to think of Fayetta and the Dragon’s message: Bravery and confidence makes bullies beware!

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