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Whimsy Fairy Dream Fables: Fayetta and the Dragon

Updated: May 16, 2022

Fayetta and the Dragon is inspired by the whimsy fairies from my novel, Amberly and the secret of the Fairy Warriors.

As an advocate for anti-bullying, my hope is that you would share this story with your tweens.

Remind the tweens in your life that a confident expression, and showing no fear will help deter the bullies they may encounter in their lives.

I hope you enjoy this little fable and I hope you have a fairy magical day!


When Fayetta the fairy dreamt she found a bright ruby lying by the side of a rushing stream, her heart jumped with joy. "Thank you, forest!" she cried out in her dream. "I could sell this ruby and pay for a year's worth of fairy food for my family!"

But, as soon as she landed near the red ruby, a dragon emerged from his cave full of jewels. He sniffed the air curiously. "Is that a shiny red ruby I smell?" said the dragon as he scanned the forest in front of him with his big red eyes. He gasped when he spotted the little fairy cradling a red ruby in her arms.

The dragon flew slowly and steadily towards Fayetta. His giant dragon wings flapped furiously until he finally landed next to her. Fayetta was startled by the dragon's intimidating presence and froze as she stared at the angry dragon. "What do you want?" she said. "I want that ruby, and you're going to give it to me!" the dragon shouted while a thick flame shot out of his mouth and hit the grass, making it smoke where Fayetta stood, causing her to fly up in the air while still holding onto the ruby.

"You frail little gnat! Give me that ruby!" the dragon shouted.

"Sadly, Fayetta flew closer to the dragon. She was frightened at what the dragon might do to her if she didn't give him the shiny ruby. "This ruby will be the one-hundredth gem to complete my collection!" the dragon said.

Fayetta suddenly halted in midair. She could not bear to fly any closer to the manipulative dragon.

"Hurry up! I can't wait all day!" he said as he held out his front claw. Fayetta froze and stared confidently at the dragon. She refused to move any closer. She took a deep breath, mustered up as much courage as possible, and yelled, "no!"

"No?" The dragon shouted.

"No. I'm not giving you this ruby so that you can add it to your pile in that dank cave of yours. This gem will buy enough fairy food for my whole fairy family!"

Fayetta couldn't wait to buy the prepared meals and sweet treats from the fairy market so that her parents would no longer have to struggle to gather their food from the forest. There was no way she was backing down, and in an instant, she flew away. Fayetta flew as fast as she could. She looked back and saw the dragon standing on the ground, still shocked by Fayetta's bravery, and she smiled triumphantly.

When she woke up, Fayetta knew she could stand up for herself now no matter what. She vowed to never let another creature intimidate her ever again, whether she was awake, or dreaming!

Bravery and confidence makes bullies beware!

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