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WhimziePop Tales Expressive Writing, Art and Empowerment Workshops for Girls: A Member of the Girlife Workshop Collective

As the author of the middle-grade novel Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors and with a passion for empowering girls, I am pleased to announce that I am currently training to be a Girls’ Empowerment Workshop Leader with Melody Pourmoradi, founder of the Girlife Workshop Collective!

I am greatly looking forward to hosting WhimziePop Tales Expressive Writing and Girls Empowerment Workshops aimed at girls ages eight to twelve! When I created my WhimziePop Tales characters, I merged my love for fantasy fiction and my desire to empower girls by creating strong female characters who overcome adversity. I paired their stories with expressive writing and art journaling activities. Now, as a soon-to-be Girlife Empowerment Workshop leader, I will be able to combine my expressive writing activities with Girlife’s confidence-building empowerment workshops!

When we empower the girls in our lives, we help them gain confidence and self-awareness, allowing them to make choices that align with their goals and values.

My passion for sharing with girls that they are “powerful beyond measure,” as stated by Melody Pourmoradi in her book Empowered Women, Empower Girls, stems from my own personal struggles with an illness throughout my childhood and young adult life called Meniere’s Disease. This inner ear disorder causes severe dizziness, nausea, and gradual hearing loss. I happened to be one of the rare children afflicted by this illness, which normally develops in older adults.

Having been overwhelmed by this disease, my childhood was interrupted by Meniere’s every month with bouts of dizziness. The amount of school I missed beginning in first grade was immeasurable, which caused a great amount of anxiety and later, depression throughout my young life. As time went on, doctors finally found the right remedy for me in my late twenties. My severe dizzy spells subsided, and I immediately threw myself full throttle into catching up in life. By this time, I was finally able to finish college and get a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and two Associate’s Degrees — one in Child Development and the other in Journalism — while simultaneously studying screenwriting and television production. Throughout my studies, I continuously remained employed without being interrupted by episodes of nausea and rooms spinning out of control.

While focusing on writing for children, I worked as a child care provider in the Children’s Chambers at the Santa Ana Superior Court in Orange County, where I facilitated art and craft classes with the children who were waiting for their parents involved in court trials.

I loved being an art activity facilitator and embraced the experience of empowering these young children who needed moral support and were experiencing just as much stress as their parents involved in serious court cases. It was there that I realized how much children needed an inner toolkit for self-soothing and healing the mind and soul in order to become successful in life.

Learning to host girls’ empowerment workshops with the Girlife Workshop Collective has been such an amazing experience! I can’t wait to share everything I am learning with tween girls in LA and Orange Counties.

For updates on my first WhimziePop Tales Expressive Writing and Empowerment Workshop for Girls, submit your email here! I can’t wait to share the tools for empowerment with the girls in your lives!

Also, don’t forget to grab a copy of my MG novel, Amberly and the Secret of the Fairy Warriors here for an empowering story about overcoming adversity as well as free WhimziePop Tales Short Stories and Art Journal Activities here!

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